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Quotes from Mayor Menino Regarding Millennium Project

From James Morgan

The following is a transcript from the NNN program that aired on Thursday, 7/30.

Chris Lovett: Turning to another development, in the Fenway/Back Bay area we have two things that are crawling to reality - a new ballpark for the Red Sox and the new Mega-Millennium development on the border of the back bay and the Fenway. It looks more and more as if we are getting to the point where we have to say that there might not be room for all of these developments to go forward.

Mayor Menino: first of all the red Sox haven't put a plan forward yet. I haven't seen a plan. The only ones to have seen it are the newspapers. I haven't seen it yet. The Millennium project has no plan. All they have is the option to develop on that property so I don't know how anyone can say that We have a "mega-project" out there. Maybe it'll turn out to be a mega project. But there's no plan yet. They haven't given anything to the BRA. All they've done is sign an agreement with the Turnpike authority that they want to be the developers of that property. We haven't seen the plan. Some of the things that they talked about originally in their plan that were gonna go over the Mass Turnpike are now in the lower Washington Street project. You're not gonna see two Reebok health centers. You're not gonna have two Sony theater megaplexes as you have. So there's gonna be a completely different plan. And I know when we get a plan we'll go into action. We'll make sure the neighborhoods our city - especially the Fenway, Back Bay, South End, have a CAC that works to help protect the neighborhood and make sure it's not overwhelmed by development. And that's one thing I'll consist (sic) on. Remember two and a half years ago when they came up with the first plan? Who was the first one out of the box to object to it? Mayor Menino! And I'll continue to object to it if it has an adverse effect on the neighborhoods that surround it. .