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"I am proud to support and endorse Mike Ross for the Boston City Council He's got my vote."

John Kerry
United States Senator

Dear Fellow Democrat:

We've got a great deal at stake in this year's District City Council race. Our city is facing some tough decisions: how to improve our public school system, how and where to allow development. We need a leader who will speak for us and carry our concerns and hopes to City Hall. That candidate is Mike Ross.

Mike Ross, is a Democrat and has earned his spot in the finals with old-fashioned hard work and by focusing on those critical challenges that lie ahead.

"(The) Republican is seeking the backing of business interests to take Tom Keane's place, and her well-funded, name recognition campaign seems destined to vault her into the final.
Boston Globe,
September 20, 1999

We are not asking you to vote for Mike simply because he's a Democrat. We want you to vote for him because he represents Democratic values and has his priorities straight.


Unlike his opponent Mike Ross has made our children and our schools his top priority. He is the only candidate who has had the courage to put his thoughts in writing and publish a plan to improve our school system. Mike understands that a world-class city doesn't have very much to offer if we can't offer children a top-notch education.


Development in the City is getting way out of control. As our Councilor, Mike will insist that we slow things down, gain control over parking and traffic problems and work to clean our neighborhoods up. His comprehensive plan to protect our neighborhoods from overdevelopment and fix the problems that we face today will dramatically improve the quality of life for every Boston resident

"We have a unique opportunity to elect an effective young Democratic leader."
Steve Grossman
Former National Chairman, Democratic National Committee

The differences between the candidates are significant. That makes the decision an easy one. Mike Ross will make a great City Councilor.


Don Hill
Ward 5 Democratic Committee

Charlie Doyle
Ward 21 Democratic Committee

Craig Lankhorst
Ward 10 Democratic Committee

Jovita Fontanez
Vice Chair
Ward 4 Democratic Committee

The committee to Elect Mike Ross P0 Box 13631 Boston, MA 02213 (617) 742-1739