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UPDATE: The Message Boards and Chatrooms are back. They look a lot different but they work even better. They are provided by Yahoo, I hope you make good use of them.

Why did the FensNet Move?

It's really simply a matter of money folks. The service provider I have been using was rather overpriced. By changing ISP, I have cut my monthly expense by 80%.

The FensNet is now utilizing "free" webspace. Tripod provides free space by making their money selling advertisements attached to the free webspace. So the main difference you will see is an occasional Dunkin Donuts ad. And you'll have to bookmark this page, because you won't remember the long page address.

There are going to be some link problems for a while until I get them all cleaned up. It will mostly be the "Back to Page One" and "Email Us" links. Use your back button and the new email address listed on page one.

The good news is that since FensNet no longer costs me money, there is no fear of it ever disappearing because I go broke. I do hope more of you decide to actively contribute toward keeping it interesting. It's your neighborhood - write about it.

I won't be in the Fenway forever. Anyone interested in running this website when I'm gone should get involved now.