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Mission Hill needs your help immediately!

Dear Fenway and other activists:

The Community Alliance of Mission Hill needs your help immediately! The BRA is about to approve a 15 story, 328 student dorm on a 7,636 square foot parcel at 662-670 Huntington Ave. for Mass College of Pharmacy. This is a massive project, not unlike the Millennium and Lower Roxbury proposals, that is about to be shoved down our throats. Of course the concerns of the abutters are along the traffic, congestion, trash, pollution and quality of life issues that seem to be thwarted upon us in all of our neighborhoods.

Please, if you have the time, voice your opposition to this project with the BRA and join in solidarity to those in the Mission Hill neighborhood.

Owen Donnelly, Deputy Director of Institutional Development BRA, 9th Floor, Boston City Hall, Boston, MA 02201 or call at (617) 722-4300 x4271.

We have until September 30th to stop this so your quick response to this notice is greatly appreciated. Please feel free to pass on to others who you think can help.

For more information feel free to call Patricia Edraos, Committee to Defend the Triangle, (617) 738-6043 evenings.

Thank you for your time,

Anthony Schinella

(617) 730-8483