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We're taking a poll. We want to know the 5 Filthiest Places in the Fenway.

Send us your scum, your filth, your rat and roach infested mattresses! Give us your list of nominees for the 5 most disgusting, the smelliest, filthiest places in the neighborhood, and feel free to add any commentary you'd like.

We will compile the nominees into a list, which will be prominently displayed on Page One of the FensNet, and then have a vote to see who are indeed the Kings and Queens of Filth in the Fenway. After the voting is in, we will make the results very public, distribute awards to the "Winners", prizes yet to be determined.

So cast your votes now, tell us why they deserve the dubious celebrity, and suggest prizes you would like to see them receive!

And the Nominees thus far are:

Star Market - That dumpster stinks to high heaven! One of the most cherished landmarks of the West Fens Rodent Population.

Kilmarnock Street - With substantial contributions from Thornton's (putting their garbage right outside the kitchen door), The Linwood (smells like teen vomit, never wash the sidewalk), and The Boston Cab Company (biggest oil slick in town), Kilmarnock Street definitely has the credentials to weigh in as a heavy contender amongst the royalty of crud.

The Boston Red Sox and Fans - The tons of litter and trash the 800 pound gorilla dumps on the neighborhood 81 days per year can only be described as incrudible! That's not even to mention the urine, the noise, and the auto pollution. The blatant disregard and abject absolution for any social responsibility, and the utter elevation above lawful consideration in the name of "Family Entertainment" makes the swaggering Green Monster a true heavyweight contender for the title of King of the Pigs, Fenway, USA.

20 Hemenway Street, on the corner of Haviland Street - day-in and day-out, one of the most filthy corners in the East Fenway. Whoever owns this building puts the A back in absentee. On the rare occasion their (mis)management company graces our neighborhood with a visit, its to blow the trash off their sidewalk onto the street -- thereby passing the filthy buck on to the City's shoulders.

Boylston Street by Mass Ave. Easily one of the most disgusting and unattactive mounds of tar and concrete in the Fenway, always filled with pizza plates from Little Stevie's and empty cups and bags from Dunkin' Donuts. With nary a trash can in site, this stretch of sidewalk is a true dumping ground for lazy skate punks, students, and other transients. Without Mucho Gusto doing their best to add dignity -- this place would be condemnable.

Add Your Local Scum Here

Where's the filth? You tell us! Email Us with dirt. Tell us about your neighborhood pig. We'll add them to list and give readers a chance vote for your favorite slob as neighborhood scumbag!