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The Fenway Mailing List

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the advantage of the Fenway Mailing List over a personal compiled list?
The Fenway Mailing List is automated. People can join (subscribe) or quit (unsubscribe) the list themselves, thus the list is constantly growing and refining itself. New people will join regularly, and people who no longer want to receive mail from the list can unsubscribe, thus only people who want mail get mail.

What about privacy?
Privacy on Fenway Mailing List is good. Names of list subscribers are not accessible to the public.

Can people not subscribed send or receive mail to/from the list?
No. The express intent of this configuration is to prevent bulk emailers from sending junk to the list.

I like the list, but I'm getting too much email and it's cluttering up my inbox. Is there anything I can do to minimize it without actually unsubscribing?
Yes, you can switch to Digest version.

What is the Digest version?
The Digest version is a compilation version of the Fenway Mailing list. Instead of receiving mail constantly, you will receive one message per day which compiles all the messages from the previous 24 hours.

Which is better - the regular version or the Digest version?
That depends. If you like getting email, go for the regular version. If you just want one email per day, the Digest version is for you.

I'm having some trouble subscribing? Can the list administrator add me to the list?
Yes. Just send email to Just let us know whether you want the regular or digest version.

What if I have other questions about the list? Can I get help?
Yes. Send an email to We'll be happy to answer any questions you have.