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The FensNet

Election 2001 Info

Deadline for registering for City Preliminary Election (including Mayor) is WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 5 at 8PM!

The Mayor and City Council election is coming up and the FensNet is teaming up with neighborhood websites across the city to get you as much info as possible.

The candidates will be given the opportunity to utilize our webspaces to address potential voters as to why he or she would make a better City Councillor. And we'll have plenty of convenient links to help you make a more informed decision.

Also we are sponsoring a questionaire which will be submitted to all candidates for City Council in which we will query them on issues that matter to people in the neighborhoods and citywide. If you have a question you would like us to include, please click the Email Us link below.

Here are some links to recent articles related to the City Council Election:

Election Voter Registration Deadlines

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TO: At Large City Council Candidates
PH: Stephen Murphy Profile
PH: City Council Wrangling
PH: Michael Flaherty Profile
GL: Paul Scappiccio Profile
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Candidate Campaign Websites
John Tobin's Webpage
Peggy Davis Mullen's Page
Felix Arroyo's Page
Rob Consalvo's Page
Elaine Rigas' Page
City Councilor Webpages
Mayor's Homepage

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