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Leash Free Zone

Dog owners and animal lovers of the Fenway - please consider adding your name to this petition for animal rights in the Back Bay Fens. All you need to do is fill in your name and email address (Street address and comments are optional) and click "send it" to send a copy of the text below to Sean RileyThe names will be compiled and the petition will be delivered to the Mayor and City Council.

We, the undersigned, both dog owners and active voters, appeal to Mayor Thomas Menino and the Boston City Council, (our City Councilor being Thomas Keane) to designate an area in the Back Bay Fens, a "Leash Free Zone" (exempt from the city ordinances requiring all dogs to be leashed) so that neighborhood dog owners can let their dogs run and play with other neighborhood dogs. One site that has been suggested is the area at the western end of the park, behind the Clemente Field House. It is both easily accessible and not a very high profile or high activity area. If that site is unacceptable, perhaps the Parks Department can work with the neighborhood to find a more suitable place. We understand that there is a city precedent for such an action, petitioned and won by the Beacon Hill Dog Walkers Association, for a leash free zone in the Boston Common. The constituents of the Fenway, as well as their dogs, ask that we be given the same consideration and opportunity. Thank You.