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Fenway Senior Task Force

Fenway Senior Task Force

The Fenway Senior Task Force: Who We Are and What We Do

The Fenway Senior Task Force is a body made up of concerned individuals, 50 years old and above who are working to positively impact the community in which they live.

The particular areas deemed most critical for the 1996 year are:

The Fenway Senior Task Force is also made up of institutions and community agencies who work along with city and state agencies thus giving FSTF first-hand, accurate information on the issues facing elders in this and other communities.

We are planning a Multicultural Party for later in the year; if you or anyone you know would be interested in working along with us or would like to participate as a performer, call and let us know.

If you are 50+ or know of anyone who is and wants a voice in the Fenway community, please contact Shirlene Barnes, Senior Advocacy Coordinator Fenway Senior Task Force at 267-4637.

The Fenway Senior Task Force - Working To Keep the Fenway Home

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