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Fenway Family Coalition News

Fenway Family Coalition Year in Review

July, 1996 - FFC families work with the Parks Dept. to design renovations to the Edgerly Playground. The playground is being redone due to advocacy by the FFC and Councillor Thomas Keane.

August, 1996 - The FFC Annual Barbecue draws 60 people for food, fun and frivolity.

September, 1996 - The FFC and the Boston Red Shirts complete a new mural at Edgerly playground. The mural features portraits of children of FFC members.

October, 1996 - Halloween activities are a great success. Over 100 children trick-or-treat that night thanks to the FFC list of safe places. A party follows the night after, packing the 64- 70 Burbank community room.

December, 1996 - The FFC co-sponsors the Multicultural Celebration at NU with the Fenway Senior Task Force. Activities include Holiday celebrations from different cultures, including Jewish, Chinese, African, and Anglo-American.

February, 1997 - The K-RAP afterschool program reopens after extensive flooding which took place in the fall.

February, 1997 - The Famlily Swap Network begins in our newsletter, bringing people together to share and exchange

March, 1997 - We initiate the Fenway Summer Referral Program which has matched 35 school age children to summer camps and programs to date.

April, 1997 - We team up with NU for the annual spring playground cleanup. We spiff up the Edgerly Playground, West Fenway Playground, and Mother's Rest.

April, 1997 - The FFC joins Children's Hospital's injury prevention campaign involving the distribution of free car seats with training for parents in the new law and the proper use of the seats. The FFC is a distribution site for this program.

May, 1997 - Fenway Family and Youth Day kicks off our summer programs, including a job program for teens, and a partnership with the Boston Police Dept., Dist. 4. 130 families attend this barbecue and party.

May, 1997 - Renovations for the Edgerly playground begin.

May, 1997 - The FFC connects parents with health care for their children through the Stand for Children Coalition.

May, 1997 - The FFC embarks on as partnership with the YMCA Central Branch to run the K-RAP program as a satellite site and expand child care in the Fenway. The partnership will be active in Sept. and may lead to additional child care sites.

June, 1997 - The Fenway Neighborhood Resource Guide is published and available to families and neighbors.

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