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What is Fenway Family Coalition?

What is Fenway Family Coalition?

Strengthening Families, Building Community

What is the Fenway Family Coalition? The Fenway Family Coalition (FFC) is a group of parents and other Fenway residents who are concerned about issues that affect children and families. The FFC was formed in 1994 by the Fenway CDC to support families by providing recreational activities, parent training, and education about family services, as well as organizing families to advocate for more services in their community.

    What We Do:

  • Build and clean playgrounds
  • Oversee the K-RAP afterschool program
  • Create new child care opportunities for families
  • Coordinate safe Halloween activities
  • Publish the Neighborhood Resource Guide
  • Organize a Family Swap Network
  • Plan picnics and holiday parties
  • Provide referrals to families in need of services

Strategies for Increasing Child Care

We have said that we are creating child care opportunities for Fenway families, but what does that mean? The FFC has a plan for achieving affordable child care for our families. We are currently in the process of expanding the K-RAP afterschool program, which is overseen by parents in the West Fenway. The program takes place in Kilmarnock Apts., and serves 15 low income children. The expansion will include moving the program to a new site, and slowly expanding it to serve more children.

We are also talking with existing child care programs about ways to make them more accessible and affordable to Fenway parents. We will ask programs to reserve slots for Fenway children, and to accept child care vouchers. Neighborhood institutions can help by donating or setting aside money for child care scholarships. Low income children could then attend existing programs, and the institutions would sponsor them for the cost of the child care. If you are interested in starting your own day care business in your home, families - _ you should give us a call, too. We are encouraging people in the Fenway to set up Family Day Care, and can point you in the right direction if you are interested in doing so.

In short, the FFC plans to become the Fenway's leading resource for parents in need of child care or other services.

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