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City Council Hearing on Millennium

An Open Letter from Fenway and Back Bay Residents to our Neighbors In East Boston and across the city:

Dear Neighbors,

We have a serious problem brewing in our neighborhood with which we need your help to resolve.

On Thursday, August 25, a city council hearing was scheduled to take place regarding the construction of a large obtrusive megaplex/luxury condominium complex over the turnpike in the area between Massachusetts Avenue and Brookline Avenue.

City Councilor Paul Scappiccio canceled the hearing.

Neighborhood organizations have unanimously expressed deep concerns regarding this projects.

- We have concerns that the project will be too big for the neighborhood and will overburden us with noise, traffic, pollution, and trash.

- We have information proving a history of unscrupulous business practices by the proposing developer Millennium Partners.

- Most of all, we fear further escalation of rent prices - ultimately a "WestEndization" of our neighborhood.

We need your help.

We believe in a neighborhood's right to self-determination. Many of us here in Fenway and Back Bay strongly supported South Boston's effort to resist the imposition by the New England Patriots. Now we need your help to resist the imposition of yet another big money interest in our neighborhood, in our city.

We are in the awkward position of having the fate of our neighborhood in the hands of a city councilor who has no vested political interest in the welfare of our neighborhood. This is a bad precedent. In fact, it's a slick plan. This is quite convenient to the big money interests, but potentially devastating to us.

What we are asking is that you join us in solidarity on the position of neighborhood self-determination. We have a right to have our say in the future of our own neighborhoods! We want our day in court. We need you to contact Councilor Scappiccio at 635-3200. Tell him you support neighborhood self-determination and tell him "Give Fenway their hearing!" It would also be prudent to contact the Mayor, and our city councilor Tom Keane as well.
We want and need your help now. One day - in the not too distant future when you are in the same predicament, we will return the favor.

We also call upon those who seek political office in our district to prove they care about our interests now. We are not interested in promises for the future, we want to see action on the immediate issue. Mr. Flynn? Mr. Capuano? Ms Clapprood? Mr. Walsh? Mr. Harshburger? If any of you care to show the Fenway and Back Bay you are concerned about our welfare, the time to act is now. Failure to do so will certainly constitute a disinterest in our affairs on your behalf, and thus a disinterest in your affairs on our behalf.

Our State Representative Byron Rushing said it well: "The Fenway is under siege by big money interests."

Our City Councilor Tom Keane wrote recently in his Back Bay column: "It is ironic that the people who saved this neighborhood (Fenway) are now being forced out of it."

And this is a citywide problem folks. In the Fenway can be rolled over by big money, expect the same problem coming to a neighborhood near you soon. If you like living in the city of Boston and don't want to forced out by rising rent, the time to act is now, and the shot heard round the city has been fired. Join the revolution!

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